So here it is, me blogging.

I’ve always kind of sneered at blogs as a sort of waste of time, alright to read now and again but not really the sort of thing I’d do, fine if you’ve got the time, but not for me.

..And yet, here I am, sat on my sofa with my coffee and laptop about to write a blog.

This blog is essentially my story, I suppose any blog is someone’s story, but this is my one. I hope that someone reads it. My story isn’t very interesting, and I don’t know how it ends, because it hasn’t ended, but I’ll do the best I can.

I’m a very lucky man, I’m married, to a wonderful woman (most the time), and have two wonderful children (also most the time), I have a decent job, an alright house, a dog, a car, all those things that make life a bit more palatable. All in all things were plodding along quite nicely until some time during the beginning of summer 2016 I realized I was 30 years old, eating like a teenager and 3 stone overweight.

So there you have it, primarily this is going to be a health and fitness blog, with a bit of dadding on the side. Hopefully I managed to lure you in before you realized and now you’ve started you’ll finish!

I made several half hearted attempts to loose weight before I had any success but it was on my 31st birthday when my wife gave me a Fitbit that things started to change for real.

I don’t want to go on too much with this first entry, so for now I’m just going to say that this blog will include stories of how I got so bloody fat in the first place, healthy recipes, workouts, and generally the story of how I managed to STOP being so fat.

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