Why it’s important not to be a dick at the gym. 

I had planned on leaving it a couple of days before I posted on here again, but something happened to me that made me want to share. 

I was at the gym going through my deadlifts when this guy comes up to me and asks how long I was going to be. I don’t mind this, it happens a lot when I’m at the gym in london but less so at my gym back home. I told him that I was going to be a while yet and he grunted and went to do something else. 2 minutes and 1 set later and he’s back asking how long I’m going to be. Again I explained that it was only my second set and I was going to be a little while. He grunted again and said I was facing the wrong way. 

I’m not sure why me facing the other way was either a problem to him or frankly any of his business, but I duly explained that I was facing this way so I could see my self side on in the mirror because I was trying to improve my form. Another  guttural grunt was followed by the comment “your form is shit anyway” before he stormed off. 

Now I know, trust me I know my form isn’t perfect on my deadlifts, that’s the whole point, I was trying to observe it in the mirror so I could improve it, in fact, I have improved it. I’ve dropped weight off, concentrated hard on strengthening my lats and my traps and as a result my form has improved. Although like I say, it’s still far from perfect, and I’m working on it. 

The point is, why does this guy feel he has the right to come and make a comment like that? I totally understand if somebody comes to me, as they have in the past, and says your form isn’t quite right, why don’t you try this? It’s constructive, it’s helpful, and I’m always willing to take pointers. But just describing somebody’s form as shit and then walking off in a sulk because they’re using the equipment or area you want to is just plain childish. In fact it’s just bad form! 

People like this are the reason a lot of people who start at the gym or start lifting free weights don’t carry it on. Just because you’re better at something than someone doesn’t give you the right to tell them they’re shit. It’s discouraging and disheartening and to be honest we’re all at the gym for the same reason. We’re all there to improve our lifting, improve our form and thus improve our bodies. Had he made a comment like that to somebody newer to the gym or less stubborn than me it might have stopped them coming back. As it was even I cut my workout short because I felt uncomfortable with him there scowling at me. 

If you’re at the gym and you see someone doing something wrong, or less than perfect, feel free to give them tips, I’ve had that done to me and I’ve done it to other people. But don’t just tell them what they are doing is shit, even if you think it is. Don’t be a dick. 

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