Bike rides, painting and roast dinners. 

Today has been a busy one, it started at 6:55am when I got my thermals on and headed out into the debris of “Storm Doris” for a ride on my recently neglected bike. I used to cycle a lot, then I got out of the habit and by the time I tried again I was overweight and it was hard. So as part of my plan to get fit again I signed up to ride in the Prudential RideLondon LondonSurrey100, a 100 mile cycle sportive starting in central London and moving to the countryside of Surrey before finishing on The Mall. I’m cycling for the Orchid Cancer Charity which supports male specific cancers, I had testicular cancer when I was 22 (which I may or may not write a post on at a later date) if you’re interested in sponsoring me the link is .

The thing is despite the fact that I’m considerably lighter and considerably stronger than last time I went out on the bike the simple fact is that it was still hard. I’ve spent a lot of the time lifting weights in the gym recently and relatively little time in the saddle, it showed. The short sharp bursts of intense effort lifting weights have ill conditioned me for riding a bike long distances, and today wasn’t even a particularly long distance. There is one simple way to fix this, as Fausto Coppi said when asked how to improve your cycling “Ride a bike, ride a bike, ride a bike”. 

It was windy, it was cold and it was tiring, but I enjoyed it, less than 1/5 of what I’ve got to come but a start at least, much more cycling to be done between now and the event though, so you’ll be getting many more updates. Anyway, here’s today’s route:

When I got back from my ride, after a brief dunk in the bath and a cup of coffee it was on to the next project. A month or so ago my wife spotted a dresser going cheap on a Facebook selling site, we bought it and I’ve spent the last couple of weekends when I’ve been home upcycling it into a piece of furniture we actually want! Today was the fun part, the final few touches to the paint and putting the new door furniture on. I’m quite please with how it turned out, the sanding down and layers of primer and undercoat were long, tedious, unenjoyable hours, but the end result is worth it, and by doing it that way it was a lot cheaper than buying expensive “chalk paint”. 

With the new unit installed and more than a few other jobs done, including picking up a trampoline and climbing frame ready for sorting the garden in spring, another project waiting to be started, it was time to complete my usual Sunday task of cooking the roast dinner. Me and my wife generally share the cooking when I’m home but Sunday lunch is always my job, I quite like it, there’s usually some sport I can stick on the iPad while I cook and I find it all quite relaxing. Today we had my brother around to help me with moving the garden stuff and so he of course stayed for dinner! We had a pretty decent bit of beef and piles of rosties and veggies! 

All in all a pretty decent Sunday! 

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