Bad days. Good weeks? 

Today I had a pretty bad day in terms of diet. A combination of factors led to me eating pretty badly. I had to work, Saturdays at my work seem to be getting busier and so working at the weekend is becoming more frequent. In addition to the fact that I was working I’d been staying in London for three nights, I was tired, fed up and desperate to get home. 

I started well, I had my usual green smoothie (you can find the recipe in a previous post) for breakfast and was ok for the morning. 

Unfortunately today was a long boring day at work, that made it far to easy to snack, and so I over indulged a bit. 

The thing is, compared to how I used to eat today wasn’t actually that bad. I ate more and less healthily than I’d like to but in the past I’ve been far worse! 

The main point of this post is that we all have bad diet days from time to time, I had one today, I know my wife had one earlier in the week. A bad day is just that though, a bad DAY, the important thing is not to allow it to turn in to a bad two days, or a bad week.

One days bad eating is not going to blow your whole diet. The rest of the week I’ve eaten well and been very active, I’m still working on my fitness, and my wife is still doing brilliantly with her diet and loosing weight. A bad day doesn’t change that.

The important thing is just to get back in the saddle and keep going. Which is what I’m going to do tomorrow, literally, a quick ride in the morning followed by a family Sunday with decent eating is the best way to get back on track.

Today was a bad day but one bad day doesn’t have to mess up your whole diet. 

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