The power of positivity. 

This post follows on from an earlier blog about not being a dick at the gym, and follows the same theme of your actions having a knock on effect to other people.

This week has been tough, work has been crazy busy, including an epic 19 hour shift that started Tuesday morning and ended in the early hours of Wednesday. This, added to the fact that it involved an extra night away from home meant that walking to the gym this morning my energy levels were as low as my stress levels were high. To put it bluntly, I wasn’t feeling it, dog tired and grumpy, the last thing I wanted to do this morning was go to the gym. I pushed myself out the door though, the hectic work schedule has also meant that the gym has had to take a bit of a back seat this week, in fact, everything has had to, and this morning was really the last chance I was going to get this week. 

My negativity continued as I started my workout, all that was on my mind was to do an hour (I never let myself do less than an hour) and get the hell out. 

Just as I was feeling at pretty much my lowest ebb one of the trainers who work at the gym walked past as I finished a set, slapped me on the shoulder and said “deadlift is looking great man”.

I’ve mentioned before in this blog that my deadlift is something I’ve been working hard on recently. In fact the entire negative experience I wrote about in my “don’t be a dick” post was based around deadlifts. 

Today’s message is entirely the opposite. This morning I was feeling crap, I haven’t managed to get to the gym as much as I’d like this week, work has been crap, and my self esteem was not in a good place. 

Maybe the trainer in question sensed this? Maybe he could see I needed a boost today? Who knows? Either way with just 5 words his comment took me from feeling like compete crap to feeling, in the gym at least, like I could take on the world. 

This is the crux of my message today, what you say to other people can have a major effect on their outlook. They say if you want a donkey to do what you want you need a stick and a carrot. I got my stick a couple of weeks ago, thankfully I’m a stubborn bastard and rather than being put off I went away and worked on what I now perceived as a major weakness. 

Today I was desperately in need of a carrot, and I got it. With what was probably for him a throwaway comment, the trainer today managed to boost my self confidence and give me the energy to carry on, in fact I ended up doing well over an hour and managed to nail a benchpress target I’ve been going for for weeks. 

So just be careful what you say to people, especially if you’ve been doing something a long time or are better at it than them. Your comments can build them up or knock them down. For now I’m still tired, and I’m on my way to work for yet another late night, but I’m feeling a lot more positive than I was a few hours ago. 

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