Repentance, forgive me barbell for I have sinned… 

Oh I have sinned, and today I paid the price. 

If I’m honest the last couple of weeks have been hard from a fitness point of view. Lots of time away from home and lots of work have made eating right and getting to the gym hard. Last week I only managed two gym sessions and a couple of swims, and my diet, whilst not terrible has not been the best. 

Yesterday (Sunday) was my only day off this week, and frankly I was knackered. Whereas on a week with limited gym time I would normally make sure I did something on the Sunday this week I decided family time was more important, so we had a lazy Sunday. The wife and I didn’t so much fall of the healthy eating waggon as jump down, kick it over and set fire to it. Let’s just say it wasn’t a good day for either of our diets. 
Like I say, gym has been hard the last couple of weeks. I’ve been dragging myself there for my workouts and pretty much just going through the motions, and skipping more sessions than I like to admit.

So last night I made sure I got to bed early, I got a good long sleep and woke up bright and early this morning to get myself back on track. I didn’t drag myself to the gym this morning I wanted to be there, I wanted to stop letting myself down and get back to decent workouts. 

Unfortunately the barbell is not a forgiving mistress. I was ready to repent for my sins, but often repentance means suffering. The lack of gym time lately made everything hard and the lousy food yesterday was causing me some major acid reflux to add to the misery. 

I didn’t quit though, I forced myself through an hour and 45 of discomfort and made sure I hit the big lifts to make sure I kick started my week and my workouts so I can get back to where I am. 

This week is going to be better, no more missed sessions and no more excuses. I’m planning another 2 weights sessions, at least one swim and a bike ride this week and by next Monday I’m going to be back where I want to be. My wife is getting back to grips with her diet and I’m confident will continue her amazing progress at her next weigh in. 

Sometimes you just have to draw a line under a bad period, give yourself a slap and get back on with it. 

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