Camping with the kids. 

A few weeks back my boy asked me when we could go camping again. I, in typical parent fashion a fobbed him off with a “maybe in the summer” but then I got to thinking, why shouldn’t we go now? What was stopping us?  The plan was for it just to be a weekend away […]

Testicles, Orchids and Bikes

This summer I will be taking part in the Pridential RideLondon, LondonSurrey100. This is a 100 mile bike ride starting at the Olympic park before heading out into the hills of Surrey and finishing up on The Mall. It’s a great event that’s part of the 3 day cycling festival RideLondon with 25,000 amateur riders […]

Chicken curry with lentils and potato. 

This curry is delicious. It’s a little bit faffy to make by my standards but will still only take about 20 minutes of actual work. Because it’s already got the lentils and potato in I don’t even bother having rice with this, instead I just have a big bowl of it as it comes! This […]

“Fat” days, demons and middle fingers.. 

I think any body who has ever been overweight, probably even those who haven’t, will at some point have a “fat” day. Those days where you just feel like crap and like the fattest person on the planet.  I had a fat day a couple of days ago. I didn’t do anything different, I didn’t […]