Bad days. Good weeks? 

Today I had a pretty bad day in terms of diet. A combination of factors led to me eating pretty badly. I had to work, Saturdays at my work seem to be getting busier and so working at the weekend is becoming more frequent. In addition to the fact that I was working I’d been […]

Venison and chorizo casserole. 

This Casserole is one of my favourites, Venison is a good lean source of protein and the leanness of the Venison offsets the fact that the chorizo is quite fatty. I fry it separately before putting it in the Casserole but it’s still a bit of a guilty pleasure, the taste is totally worth it […]

Breakfast smoothie

This is the shake/smoothie I have for breakfast everyday, it’s simple to make, tastes delicious and really sets you up for the day.  I use a nutribullet to make mine, but there’s not really any hard ingredients so any liquidiser would do the trick. I experimented a bit before I found one I really liked […]