Time off, trips and gardening. 

The last 10 days I’ve had some time off work, and it’s been glorious. Whilst I love my job it’s been really nice to have some time at home with the family. As I mentioned in the last couple of posts we went up to Wales for a few days at the start of my […]

Mountains and waterfalls. 

I’ve not updated in a while, largely because I’ve not really had anything to say.  Life goes on as normal, I work, I go to the gym, I do family stuff and frankly I don’t think anyone would be interested.  This week there will be a flurry of updates cause I’ve got some time off […]

Camping with the kids. 

A few weeks back my boy asked me when we could go camping again. I, in typical parent fashion a fobbed him off with a “maybe in the summer” but then I got to thinking, why shouldn’t we go now? What was stopping us?  The plan was for it just to be a weekend away […]