The power of positivity. 

This post follows on from an earlier blog about not being a dick at the gym, and follows the same theme of your actions having a knock on effect to other people. This week has been tough, work has been crazy busy, including an epic 19 hour shift that started Tuesday morning and ended in […]

Clean for 6 months. Not a diet, a way of life. 

Whilst this blog is still in its infancy my actual fitness and weightloss journey has been going on for 6 months today. That’s half a year of eating right, busting my balls in the gym and generally trying to do the right things.  In that 6 months I’ve gained a little muscle, I’ve definitely lost […]

“Fat” days, demons and middle fingers.. 

I think any body who has ever been overweight, probably even those who haven’t, will at some point have a “fat” day. Those days where you just feel like crap and like the fattest person on the planet.  I had a fat day a couple of days ago. I didn’t do anything different, I didn’t […]

Sometimes it isn’t fun. 

Normally I enjoy the gym, it’s funny that the most relaxing parts of my week are the times when I’m being pushed the hardest physically. When you’re 100% concentrated on an exercise, when you’re pushing your limits, nothing else matters. Any other worries are forgotten as you concentrate on nothing else but making that final […]